Questions Any Surgeon is Likely to Ask You Before Performing Lap Band Surgery

There are five key questions any surgeon is likely to ask you, before performing a lap band surgery on you. All this would be happening against a background where you’d probably be keen on attaining long-term weight loss, with the help of a lap band. The five questions include the one as to:

Whether you have really tried other weight loss methods. The basic weight loss methods in question here would include things like diets, exercises, and supplements. You need to try those out, sincerely, and only use things like lap bands (or gastric bypass surgery, to which lap bands are an alternative) when the basic methods don’t work at all. What tends to emerge, out of these assessments, is the fact that the majority of the people trying to get lap bands implanted haven’t tried the ‘more basic’ weight loss approaches sincerely. Put on the right diets, exercise regimes, and effective supplements, the majority of these people obtain satisfactory weight loss results. The few who don’t do are then deemed to be suitable candidates for implantation of lap bands through laparoscopic surgery.

What your reasons for wanting to lose weight are. If the reasons are purely cosmetic, and your current weight is reasonably healthy, the surgeon will probably advise you against having a lap band installed.

If surgery has to be performed for weight loss (and implantation of lap bands involves surgery), then there must be genuine health concerns. In actual fact, you are likely to find yourself facing a battery of major psychological tests, aimed at gauging your level of psychological health, prior to lap band implantation.

Whether you have heart problems. If it emerges that you have heart problems, the doctor will most probably advise you against having a band implanted. It is not really that the band has an effect on your heart. The problem is in the surgical procedure necessary to implant the band. It may be a minimally invasive (laparoscopic) procedure, but it is still a surgical procedure all the same. If you have a coronary heart problem, without a doubt any shape of coronary heart problem, physicians will have a tendency to exhibit remarkable hesitation when it comes to performing non-compulsory surgical processes on you. In most cases, the dangers are in reality now not well worth it.

Whether you have lung problems. Again, the problem here is not that the lap band has an effect on your lungs. But the problem is in the surgical procedure necessary to implant the band. Though minimally invasive, it is still an elective surgical procedure – and thus best avoided by people struggling with lung problems.

Whether you are planning to get pregnant within the next year. Naturally, to qualify for this question, you need to be a woman. If that is the case (that you are a woman, and you are planning on getting pregnant within the year), the doctor will most probably tell you that you don’t qualify to have a lap band implanted. Should you get pregnant with a recently implanted band, there can be problems. Awake to this fact, doctors generally don’t implant the bands to women who are planning on getting pregnant within a year.

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