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Bodybuilders strive to improve their bodies by combining a workout program, a healthy diet plan and taking proper nutritional supplements. For bodybuilders to achieve their fitness goals, controlling metabolism is an important factor.

The only way to improve metabolic control is to lose body fats and preserve muscle mass.

Since muscle mass greatly affects metabolism, overweight and obese individuals tend to have slower metabolism rates.

Although metabolism can be controlled through exercise and diet, various stimulant-free products can act as weight loss supplements.

Due to constant scientific studies, non-stimulant thermogenics are now safer than it used to be. However, choosing the best nutritional supplement may not be easy.

since there are hundreds of fat loss supplements in the market, it is important to find an energy supplement that could fit your goals.

If you’re looking for stimulant-free products (health supplements without caffeine, Ma Huang, ephedrine, or any speedy ingredients), here is a list of non-stimulant herbal supplements and weight loss supplement available in the market.


Green Tea (Camellia Sinensis)?

The main ingredient of many fat loss supplements, green tea is a non-stimulant thermogenic with caffeine contents, which promotes weight loss.

Green tea increases energy and stimulates the oxidation of fat. It elevates metabolism only during the time you consume it.

Green tea herbal supplements are usually marketed in the form of capsules and tablets. It can also be bought as natural supplements in teabags.

Citrus Aurantium (Bitter orange, Zhi Shi)?

The extracts of citrus aurantium – such as amines and Synephrine – have been studied to have thermogenic benefits.

Amines yield similar effects to ephedrine (the FDA-banned Bodybuilding supplement).

However, it does not cause insomnia, dry mouth, palpitations, high blood pressure and nervousness – which are common stimulant side effects of ephedrine and caffeine.


This essential mineral supplement Vitamin improves insulin resistance and glucose tolerance.

It also reduces high blood sugar levels. Although chromium is not a stimulant-free thermogenic and will not improve metabolism, chromium supplements can reduce blood sugar levels – which in turn, prevents your metabolic switch from becoming a fat-storing machine.

Glucosol ?

This herbal supplement extract is derived from a herb known as Lagerstroemia Speciosa. Glucosol is the herbal counterpart of chromium – working exactly like chromium, but with different ingredients.


This is a non-stimulant herbal supplement derived from white kidney beans. Phaseolamin works by allowing starch such as bread, potato, rice, pasta and corn to enter the body without being absorbed or digested.

In fighting weight problems, the best nutritional supplements are those that achieve positive results with minimal or no side effects.

Stimulant-free products are the perfect fat loss supplement for people who wish to promote weight loss, improve blood sugar levels, increase metabolic rate and improve overall body composition.

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